May 2000

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• 1999 AKMR Meeting Minutes
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YouYoung Kang, Editor
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From the President

              Decisions on acceptance of paper proposals for the SEM meeting in Toronto in November have already been notified to their authors, and I greatly hope there will be a large number of papers on Korean music at the Toronto meeting, in a number of musical disciplines.  Those who have not submitted paper proposals should still, if possible, come to the meeting, as it promises to be an extraordinary event and a great opportunity for contacting like-minded people over the whole spectrum of music scholarship.

            The AKMR Prize:  at the Austin meeting of SEM, we discovered that the Northern California Chapter of SEM had already instituted a Marnie Dilling Prize, which is what we had intended to call the annual prize offered by AKMR.  The Officers have decided, after some careful thought, to call our award simply the AKMR Prize.  Details of the Prize are now to be found on the AKMR web site:


and I encourage all student members of the Association who have had their paper proposals accepted for Toronto to consider submitting their papers to the Prize committee.

            As usual, I ask the membership to send me information which would be useful on the AKMR web site:  bibliographies, short descriptions of genres, updates, papers in progress, etc.  The site will only be as good as we collectively make it.

            My term as President will end at the Toronto meeting, and I'm grateful to the members of AKMR for tolerating my presence for four years.  Please turn your minds to nominations for a new President (requested elsewhere in this Newsletter), ideally someone with fresh vision and ideas who can galvanize the work of AKMR. 

            I will be moving from Durham, England to College Park, Maryland in August; the AKMR web site and discussion list will move with me, though I trust it will be possible to install automatic web links from Durham to Maryland for an overlap period.  It should be possible to announce the new addresses in the next Newsletter.

Robert C. Provine
April, 2000

 Call for Nominations

             AKMR would like to invite all its members to participate in the upcoming elections  for AKMR officers.  We are calling for nominations for President and 2 Members-at Large [See Minutes of 1999 AKMR meeting, page. 3].

            1. To nominate a candidate, provide a brief description (100 words) of the nominee (e.g. current status, educational background, research interest, etc.) This will appear in an e-mail election ballot.  Self-nominations are welcome.  If you wish to nominate a person other than yourself, please confirm with the individual for her/his willingness to run for the position.

            2. Send all nominations via e-mail to Okon Hwang and YouYoung Kang: AND

            3. Only due-paying members will be able participate in the election.  Therefore, please sign your e-mail nomination with your full name.

            The election will be held via e-mail in Fall 2000, and the results will be announced at the next AKMR meeting in Toronto.


Conference Announcements


Saturday, April 15, 2000

Thompson Room, Barker Center Harvard University

            Opening remarks were given by Professor David R. McCann of Harvard University.  Panels included: “State Policy and Public Discourse in South Korea,”  “Tonghak Movement,” “Literary Imaginations,” “Representing Pre-Modern Identities,” and “Colonial Critiques and Post-Colonial Perceptions.” The conference ended with an open discussion on “The Future of Korean Studies.” 

            For more information visit the Harvard Korean Studies website: <>



Seoul, October 5-7, 2000

The Changing Values of Music – In Search of New Creativity

            The Asian Music Research Institute (AMRI) will host its fifth annual International Asian Music Conference on October 5-7, 2000 at Seoul Plaza, in conjunction with the Korean National Commission for Unesco (KNCU), which is hosting the second annual "International Symposium on Cultural Comparison series: East and West." The theme of the Conference/Symposium will be "The Changing Values of Music  –  In Search of New Creativity".

            This conference will feature three sessions: “Differences in Musical Values,” “Process of Modernization of Music,” and “Interaction and New Trends in Music.” Over twelve scholars from three continents will be presenting their papers, including Jonnie Wade (UK), Rene T. A. Lysloff (USA), Yosihiko Tokumaru (Japan).  Papers presented will be published in the journal of AMRI, Tongyang Umak.

            For more information, contact the official organizer and Secretary General of the conference, Dr. Chae Hyun-kyung, Dean of College of Music at Ulsan University, via e-mail:


CALL FOR PAPERS: CIM 2000 Chung Ang University

Seoul, October 12-14, 2000

Asian Instrumental Music and Asian Culture   

            The Chung Ang Institute of Music and the Council for Asian Musicology will host the second Interdisciplinary Conference on October 12-14, 2000 at the Chung Ang University Arts Center.  The theme of the conference is “Asian Instrumental Music and Asian Culture.” 

            Proposal for papers should be sent in duplicate, containing a short abstract (250 words). Deadline for submissions is July 1, 2000.   Requests for information and paper abstracts should be addressed  to: Prof. Chun InPyong, Director, Chung Ang Institute of Music, College of Music, Chung Ang University, AnSung 456-780, KyungKi, Korea; +82 (0)334 670-3312, 401-2228; fax 675-1386;  See also the SEM Newsletter 34/2 (March 2000).


IIAS/CHIME/CSS  CONFERENCE Leiden, August 23-27, 2000

Audiences, Patrons and Performers in the Performing Arts of Asia

            Leiden University will host the conference “Audiences, Patrons and Performers in the Performing Arts of Asia,” a joint initiative of the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), CHIME (the European Foundation for Chinese Music Research), and the Department of Cultural and Social Studies of Leiden University.

            The conference will feature panels on: “Hybrid-popular theatres in Asia” (Hanne de Bruin, convenor), “Art criticism” (Wim van Zanten, convenor), “‘Liveness’” (Matthew Cohen, convenor), “The Asian diaspora” (Hae-Kyung Um, convenor), and “The creative process in folk music and musical ritual in Asia” (Frank Kouwenhoven, convenor).

            For more information about the conference, including registration, accommodation, etc.,  consult the websites <  oideion/general/audiences.html>, < general/audiences.html>, OR



Minutes of the 1999 AKMR Meeting

Hill Country B, Hyatt-Regency Hotel

Austin, Texas.  Friday, November 19, 1999

 * The meeting began at 5:30 pm; Keith Howard (Member-at-Large) presided for much of the meeting until Rob Provine (President) arrived.

 * Financial report from October 1, 1998 to September 30, 1999 by Secretary/Treasurer:

Income: $870.10 total

            dues: $350 since 98 SEM meeting

            dividend: $20.10


            contribution for AKMR Award:                                     $500

Expenses: $142.62 total

            April 99 Newsletter mailing:                                     $63.69

            October 99 Newsletter mailing:


Difference: $727.48 in black


* Newsletter Editor's report

            The October 1999 Newsletter (no. 7) appeared in advance of the SEM meeting and contained a schedule of papers on Korean music to be presented at the Conference, as well as abstracts for the AKMR-sponsored panel and other papers dealing with Korea.  The editor encourages all members to contribute information on their activities, publications, etc. for the April 2000 Newsletter.

* Discussion on the guidelines for the AKMR election


1) AKMR officers will be comprised of 6 individuals: President, Secretary/Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, and 3 Members-at-Large.

2) Out of 3 Members-at-Large, one must be a student.

3) All positions will have 2-year terms with one possible renewal.


1) & 2) remain the same.

3) The President and 3 Members-at-Large positions will have 2-year terms, normally with one possible renewal.  If no new candidates are forthcoming, a further renewal is possible. 

4) The Secretary/Treasurer and Newsletter Editor may continue to serve in their positions unless they relinquish their positions or they are replaced by the election of a new Secretary/Treasurer or Editor. 

* The President's Report

            The President noted with regret that two of the five panelists on the AKMR-sponsored panel, "Meaning and Emotion in Korean Music,” had not attended the Conference.

            The AKMR email discussion list for scholarly discussions of Korean music had now been set up and was ready for use.  Anyone wishing to participate could send a message to:  Membership of the list is open, but it will be limited to those qualified to discuss Korean music, to avoid the frequent problems encountered in other discussion lists.

            The President noted with regret that no participants were able to come directly from Korea itself to the conference, probably as on ongoing result of the economic problems in Korea, but he expressed the hope that this would no longer be the case by the next Conference.

* New business, opinions, and announcements

            AKMR has decided not to raise the annual dues ($10/yr) for now.  It was noted that in the absence of a journal or other obvious benefit, it was difficult to expect members to pay a larger subscription.

            The President requested that members supply information for the AKMR website, so that it would become a truly useful resource for teachers and students worldwide.  So far, almost all material (except the Newsletter) on the website had been provided by the President alone.  Information on useful links to other sites was welcome.

            Members were encouraged to  publish their works.

            The President offered the opinion that an effective way for AKMR members to spread the word about Korean music scholarship was for members to present papers in a variety of panels in a number of disciplines ("infiltrating" other subjects) rather than in Korea-specific panels.  This would be particularly appropriate in the Toronto meeting in 2000, when many societies were gathering at the same time.  Similarly, he encouraged members to publish their work in standard refereed journals of ethnomusicology, Asian

studies, etc., as these would reach the wider scholarly community, whereas Korea-specific journals had a limited circulation and readership.  For Korean music studies to come of age, they would need to demonstrate their equality with those dealing with other countries and appearing in standard journals.

            The Marnie Dilling Award [note: later renamed AKMR Prize]:  the prospects for fund raising for this award were discussed, and Okon Hwang was encouraged to look into possibilities.  One idea was for officers and members with secure jobs to make a personal contribution.  Also, in connection with the Prize, it was agreed that the term "Korean music" needed to be broadly interpreted.

            Lee Byong-won made an announcement about the Lee Hye-ku Award and the International Conference on Korean Studies in Hawaii (Feb. 18-22, 2001).


            Respectfully submitted,

            Okon Hwang

 News from AKMR Members

Nathan Hesselink announces the publication of two new articles:

"Two Sides of a Similar Coin: A Common Origin Hypothesis in Honam Region Percussion Band Music/Dance," Tongyang Umak 21 (1999 - forthcoming).

"Kim Inu's 'P'ungmulgut and Communal Spirit': Edited and Translated with an Introduction and Commentary," Asian Music 31.1:1-34 (1999/2000).

Okon Hwang received a  Connecticut State University Research Grant and will be in Korea for most of the summer.  She can be reached via e-mail:




YouYoung Kang received her Ph.D. in Music Theory at the University of Pennsylvania in December 1999 (Ph.D. dissertation: “The Art of Counterpoint in stile nuovo: Sacred Polyphony in Seventeenth-Century Italy”).  She will start her new position as assistant professor of music at      St. Mary’s College of Maryland  in August 2000.

Andrew Killick announces the birth of his second child Walden Minu Killick, born April 14, at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, 7 lb 4 oz.  Andrew Killick (Florida State University) will present a paper titled "Road Test for a New Model: The Postmodern, the Postcolonial, and Korean Ch'angguk Opera" in the panel "A Three-Dimensional Model of Postmodern Musical Experience" convened by Timothy Rice of UCLA at the Society for Ethnomusicology annual conference in Toronto, 1-5 November 2000.

Hee Sun Kim writes that there was a Korean music panel “Issues in Korean Music” at MACSEM (Mid-Atlantic chapter of the society for Ethnomusicology), held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, March 24-26, 2000.   It was the only session develoted to a specific musical culture at the conference.  Hee Sun Kim (University of Pittsburgh) gave a paper titled "Hwang Byung-ki and Kayagum sin'gok, New Compositions for the Kayagum" and Gloria Lee (New York University) presented a paper titled "Hand and Shinmyong: An Aesthetic of Affect and the Body in Korean Folk Music."

            Hee Sun Kim also announces that she will participate in two important concerts during the fall semester.  On September 22, 2000, at the University of Pittsburgh, she will perform kayagum solo in a concert titled "String instruments of Asia," a part of a concert series of "Indian classical Music", one of the biggest in the US.  She will perform the kayagum in the first part, and a Santur player from India will play the rest of the program.   She will also give a lecture concert on the kayagum and the chang-go at the University of Michigan as a part of "The Sterns Series," directed by Joseph Lam.

            At the upcoming SEM meeting in Toronto, Hee Sun Kim will present a paper on the construction of the Kim Yun-duk school of kayagum sanjo, and she will also perform a  solo concert on the kayagum (November 4th, Saturday 12:30-1:30). She’ll play the Kim  Juk-pa Ryu (school) kayagum sanjo and kayagum sin'gok of Hwang Byung-ki and Yi Sung-ch'on with both 12-stringed (traditional) and 17-stringed kayagum (modified).

Rob Provine reports that he gave conference papers on Korean music at the Third International Asian Music Conference in Seoul (September 1998), the Association for Asian Studies conference in Boston (March 1999), the Association for Korean Studies in Europe (AKSE) in Hamburg (April 1999), the International Medieval Congress in Leeds (July 1999), and the ICTM World Conference in Hiroshima (August 1999).  He has been appointed Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology at the University of Maryland, College Park, from August, 2000, having spent 22 years at the University of Durham in the UK. 


Starting August 1, 2000, please send all announcements and news for the AKMR Newsletter to the Editor at:
YouYoung Kang
Music Department
St. Mary’s College of Maryland
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The e-mail address: will continue to receive messages until October 2000